Full Scottish Breakfast …£8.25

Lorne Sausage, pork Links, bacon, black pudding, potato scone,
mushrooms, tomato, baked beans, egg … & toast of course!

Or go for a Short Scottish! Any four of the above and toast …£5.50

The Full Vegan …£8.25

Veggie haggis, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, Gypsy beans, potato
scone & toast.

Or go Skinny vegan! Any four of the above with toast. Swap an item for
an egg (for the not so vegan veggies out there) … £5.50

Pancake Stack …£4.95

Our big fat Yankee Style pancakes. Made fresh to order & served with
maple syrup. Add smoked bacon for £1.00

Porridge …£4.95
Served with milk & your choice of either honey or soft brown sugar &
raspberries or banana.

TOAST!!! …£1.50
Something simple to go with your cuppa.
With Butter and Jam or Vegemite!

HOT ROLLS …from £1.50
Any breakfast item on a roll. Singles / Doubles…you know what to do!