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Lamb Moussaka – £8.95
Lamb mince in a rich tomato & oregano sauce, layered with breaded
aubergine & a creamy cheese sauce served with a classic Greek salad

Posh Tottie – £8.25
One of Lorelle’s Scottish Fusion delicacies! A baked potato with
chunks of smoked haddock in an oak smoked cheddar sauce. With a
poached egg on top.

“CATCH OF THE DAY” FISH & CHIPS – from £8.50
Been to the Market and caught ourselves some fresh fi sh. We crumb it.
We Fry it. We put it on a plate with chips and some salad, You eat it. of

Thai Green Vegetable Curry – £8.25
We sauté loads of oriental vegetables & make a spicy coconut curry
served with basmati rice. (add chicken for £1.00……not so veggie though!)

Linguine Verde (V) – £7.50
Mange-tout, asparagus & spinach in a creamy almond & coriander
pesto sauce tossed into the linguine.