Soup of the day – £3.25

Just ask or look up our specials board.

Middle Eastern Dips (V) – £3.50
Hummus & Baba Ghanoush served with toasted pita bread

Pate of the day – £4.50
Could be smoaked mackrel or aubergine…who knows! All freshly made
to Lorelle’s own recipe, served with our red onion relish & oatcakes.

Pakora – £4.75
Indian style fritters in a spiced gram flour batter with a choice of fi llings:
VEGGIE (spinach, sweet potato & courgettes). HAGGIS and red onion jam
or VEGGIE HAGGIS. Served with yoghurt & mint sauce. Feel free to mix!

Burns Fritters (V) – £4.95
Our own take of a traditional Burns supper with potato,
turnip & veggie haggis all rolled into a tasty beer battered fritter, this is one of our speciality Double Scottish Fusion dishes